Brooklyn Nets New Year’s Resolutions

Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez
Well… (AP)

Shaun Livingston

Jason Kidd
Shaun Livingston (AP)

Shaun Livingston 2013 Stats: GP: 30, MPG: 22.1, FG%: 45.0% 3FG%: 33.33%, FT%: 88.1%, RPG: 2.4, APG: 3.2

RESOLUTION: This almost feels futile, because if he hasn’t done it yet in his career, he’s probably not doing it now. But maybe, just maybe, one of these days, you could… develop a three-point shot?

I know. You’re not good at it now and you want to do what you’re good at. You understand your limitations. That’s great. But the NBA’s also trending further and further from the basket faster and faster, and it’s going to leave you in the dust from 28 feet away if you’re not careful.

You’re an incredibly intelligent offensive player, and you’re both long enough and quick enough to get good shots close to the basket. But at some point, the other shot’s going to drop. It has to, or you will.

HIGH POINT: Pick your favorite:

First submission: Livingston dunking on Robin Lopez.

Second submission: Livingston’s breakout game with Deron Williams out.

One greatness in motion, one a slow burn.

LOW POINT: Livingston’s oddly timid stretch between December 10th and Christmas, when he didn’t attempt more than three shots in a game and didn’t make a significant dent in a game after a hot four-game stretch in the middle of November. He’s talented enough to make a difference, so it seems odd not that he didn’t, but that he didn’t appear to try.

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