Brooklyn Nets New Year’s Resolutions

Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez
Well… (AP)

Mirza Teletovic

Mirza Teletovic, Michael Beasley
Mirza Teletovic (AP)

Mirza Teletovic 2013 Stats: GP: 61, MPG: 13.61, FG%: 41.3% 3FG%: 39.44%, FT%: 67.7%, RPG: 2.69, APG: 0.49

RESOLUTION: Teletovic has been one of the team’s few, brief bright spots this season: after wondering aloud whether or not he’d ever have a role with the Nets, Teletovic has shined in the last month, breaking his career-high for points three times in the last month and hitting threes at a career-best rate.

Offensively, Teletovic is as crisp as ever; he’s a dead-eye shooter when on, an underrated passer, and is smart about getting to spots and creating space for others. But defensively, he suffers from a lack of foot speed and verticality. So while you can’t make someone’s resolution to add ten inches of vertical leap, perhaps a little more leg strength could help him deny opponents position against him down low.


I know he’s caught fire a few times from beyond the arc, but that’s my favorite moment. That leg kick seals it. Sorry. Deal with it.

LOW POINT: Pick your favorite point last year when Teletovic could barely hold the ball long enough to get his shot form right before firing a shot away.

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