Brooklyn Nets New Year’s Resolutions

Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez
Well… (AP)

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson (AP)

Joe Johnson 2013 Stats: GP: 70, MPG: 34.99 , FG%: 42.9% 3FG%: 39.1%, FT%: 82.8%, RPG: 3.19, APG: 3.21

RESOLUTION: The biggest knock on you, Joe Johnson, is that you often float from game to game, seemingly content with the game of basketball regardless of result. It’s a load of crap; you know that and I know that. You clearly feel affected by team losses and bad performances. But it’s sometimes hard for the casual fan to know that.

Though you’ve been one of the calmer hands on this rocky ship, maybe the team needs a little more from him. So my resolution for Johnson: get ejected from a game. Get two technicals called on you for whatever reason. Scream at an opponent or get mad over a foul call. Punch a cameraman. Metaphorically. It doesn’t have to be organic, it just has to make people realize that you do care.

Or, just keep hitting game-winners. That works too.

HIGH POINT: So many game-winners to choose from, but let’s go with the buzzer-beater over the Milwaukee Bucks. Here’s a bonus from the link above: watch the game-winner as Johnson talks about the process of hitting game-winners.

LOW POINT: May 4th, 2013. The first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Game 7. Nets vs. Bulls in Brooklyn. Joe Johnson goes 2-14 from the field in a six-point loss.

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