Brooklyn Nets New Year’s Resolutions

Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez
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Alan Anderson

Alan Anderson, Shane Battier
Alan Anderson (AP)

Alan Anderson 2013 Stats: GP: 30, MPG: 25.3, FG%: 42.0% 3FG%: 37.7%, FT%: 77.5%, RPG: 2.7, APG: 1.1

RESOLUTION: Alan, you’ve performed admirably in and out of the starting lineup as a limited, albeit effective, player. When you’re taking good shots and playing smart, impassioned defense, you’ve had some great moments. You’re not swinging a game alone, but as the fifth option in an offense that needs a shooter (and these days, everyone needs one), a team could do a lot worse.

This is why this resolution is so difficult. One of my favorite plays you make is when you pump-fake off the three-point line, watch your defender fly by helplessly, and step into the midrange jumper. I love that play because your shot form is effortless and smooth, and when it works, it’s a work of art.

But it’s just not an effective play: you’re shooting 37.7 percent from three-point range (or 1.13 points per shot) and 36.4 percent on two-pointers outside of the paint (or 0.73 points per shot). I understand the impetus to shoot mid-range shots occasionally to remind a defense that you’re good enough to make them pay, but you still shoot more than one of every five shots from that area. So my resolution: keep the step-in a rarity, and use that opportunity to confound opposing defenses even more. With one guy out, you’ve got a quick five-on-four situation — take advantage and find a teammate for an open three-pointer or layup. More often than not, that subtle decision will win out.

HIGH POINT: I don’t think I’ve seen Anderson play a better game than he did on December 20th against the Philadelphia 76ers. Though that day was mired by the news of Brook Lopez’s foot injury, Anderson was simply incredible, playing great defense, hustling after loose balls, and hitting nine of 17 shots (5-11 from 3) en route to a season-high 26 points.

Or this.

LOW POINT: Hard to pick one for a role player without much on his back, but we could always say the game against the Washington Wizards on December 18th, when he shot 0-4 in 19 minutes in the loss.

Or this.

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