Brooklyn Nets New Year’s Resolutions

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Reggie Evans

Reggie Evans
Reggie Evans (AP)

Reggie Evans 2013 Stats: GP: 71, MPG: 23.07, FG%: 45.99% 3FG%: 0%, FT%: 49.52%, RPG: 10.61, APG: .42

RESOLUTION: For Reggie Evans, get the rebound and go straight up, get the rebound and go straight up, get the rebound and go straight up, get the rebound and go straight up, get the rebound and go straight up. Ahem. With Reggie Evans, it has gotten rather simple: he’s a man trying to do too much with too little. To find the success he found last year on the boards, he needs to stop dribbling out under the hoop. He needs to stop taking power dribbles after an offensive rebound. He needs to play within himself and stop trying to paint a picture with crayons.

There were plenty of times last season when Reggie Evans had moments of brilliance in the paint, but that’s only because he wasn’t trying to be anything other than Reggie Evans. Let Reggie be Reggie and he’ll hear those chants he’s come to love at Barclays once more.
-Benjamin Nadeau

HIGH POINT: It’s really, really hard to pick one. Is it the standing ovation he got at the free throw line? His 22-point, 26-rebound nirvana against the Trail Blazers last year? Calling LeBron James no different from Andray Blatche? It’s all of those things, but I had to choose one, and I choose the time Reggie Evans got a goddamned tooth knocked out and stayed in the game.

Think about that for a second. Think about the pain that comes with getting a tooth knocked out. If I didn’t pass out, I’d at least take a break from whatever thing I was doing, especially if that thing was competing athletically with five of the greatest athletes in the world. But Reggie Evans? Nope. Reggie just bites a towel for 45 seconds and keeps playing.

LOW POINT: Not to belabor Benjamin’s point, but: every offensive rebound he doesn’t pass back out to reset possession, instead choosing to shoot. There’s too many to count here.

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