Brooklyn Nets New Year’s Resolutions

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Well… (AP)

Tornike Shengelia

Tornike Shengelia
Tornike Shengelia (AP)

Tornike Shengelia 2013 Stats: GP: 23, MPG: 7.35, FG%: 39.0% 3FG%: 0%, FT%: 47.4%, RPG: 1.35, APG: 0.43

RESOLUTION: The Tokomotive finds himself in a familiar position with little to no playing time. The fact is such: if the Nets are healthy, Shengelia will not play. Unfortunately, health has not been a strong suit for Brooklyn thus far. Soon, the shuttling to Springfield will begin again as he and his travel pal, Tyshawn Taylor, will make daily trips back and forth to the D-League.

But what is there for Toko to achieve? Gun for a D-League championship with the Armor? While that’s unlikely, Toko can work on his ugly jumper and trying not to set the world on fire when he’s in at the end of another Brooklyn blowout. He can work on his mid-game celebrations, which have, for some reason, mysteriously disappeared. Check the tape after the Joe Johnson game-winners last year and you’ll see it: Suit or sweats, it was always Toko running and jumping, a huge grin on his face. These days, Shengelia seems glued to the end of the bench, sullen and sad.

What’s got you down, Toko? Here’s to a happier 2014 for Tornike Shengelia.
-Benjamin Nadeau

HIGH POINT: His best game last season:

Or maybe that time he put up 39 points, 18 rebounds, and 7 assists in the D-League, but I like the NBA highlights better and Shengelia proved that night he can do it against (tanking, lifeless) NBA competition.

LOW POINT: True story: Shengelia got married in the offseason, but told me that because of the Nets training camp schedule, his honeymoon lasted just one day.

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