Brooklyn Nets New Year’s Resolutions

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Mason Plumlee

Brandon Davies, Tony Wroten, Mason Plumlee
Mason Plumlee (AP)

Mason Plumlee 2013 Stats: GP: 25, MPG: 16.5, FG%: 63.1% 3FG%: 0%, FT%: 60.8%, RPG: 3.1, APG: 0.4

RESOLUTION: Be more like your brother, Miles. Mason Plumlee’s rookie season has a lot in common with his older brother’s Miles’s rookie season: both of these genetic lottery winners were drafted late in the first round to teams stacked with veterans. Mason, obviously a member of the Nets and Miles was drafted to the Indiana Pacers in 2012. Stuck strictly in a backup role, both of the Plumlee’s provided quality minutes and showed flashes of athleticism, albeit in very a limited capacity. 

For Miles, that all changed when he was moved to the Phoenix Suns. Given the gift of playing time, Miles has flourished in Phoenix, defying expectations and showing that he is capable of being a starting NBA center. Drafted with similar expectations, Mason is now also in a position to see a minutes boon with Brook Lopez out for the season and Kevin Garnett petrifying. It’s a bit to ask an NBA rookie to develop so quickly mid year, but Plumlee’s growth could fill a void.
-Justin DeFeo
HIGH POINT: Some players name getting drafted as the highest point of their career, but in Plumlee’s case, I’d say it was out-dunking Lob City.

LOW POINT: It’s hard to find a low point for someone that’s had a surprisingly decent season following zero expectations. Plumlee was thrown into this mess, he didn’t create it. So maybe that’s his low point after all: getting drafted into this tire fire of a season.

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