Brooklyn Nets Midseason Grades, 2013-2014

Brooklyn Nets Midseason Grades, 2013-2014
Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Shaun Livingston, Deron Williams
The first half of the Brooklyn Nets season is over. (AP)

The second half of an up-and-down (or should I say down-and-up?) season thus far for the Brooklyn Nets starts today, as they open a post-All-Star Break road trip with a game against the Utah Jazz. Through 51 games, one franchise player lost for the season, and the All-Star Break, the Nets sit at 24-27, the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference and four games back from the Atlantic Division lead.

Not exactly what they expected.

To look back, I’ve given a grade to each player (except Brook Lopez, who’ll be profiled at the end of the season) on the Nets active roster. Some are nicer than others, but all are an honest opinion and brief analysis.

If you make it to the end, there’s also a bonus grade for the head coach, Jason Kidd.

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