Quote roundup: NBA players, coaches think Kidd will be “fantastic” coach

Jason Kidd
Jason Kidd (AP)
Jason Kidd (AP)

NBA players and coaches, current and former, sounded off in the media and on Twitter on the prospect of Jason Kidd as head coach. Judging by their reactions, it seems like most of the league is in his corner, even his former coach, Avery Johnson. Though it appears Patrick Ewing Jr.’s not so happy.

“I think Jason would be a good coach one day, whenever that day comes.”Reggie Evans

“Jason Kidd as a head coach, it’s tough for me, right from player to coach, that’s tough, but I think if one guy can do it, it’s him. I obviously played with him numerous of years and there’s stuff he came up with every year. [Kidd would say] ‘Hey, why don’t we try this, why we try that.’ He’s got an unbelievable mind for basketball. There’s stuff he sees out there it’s almost like a coach already. Like I said, that’s a tough transition, but if anybody can do it I think it’s him.”Dirk Nowitzki

“When you’ve played in the league as long as Jason has and played for a number of coaches, he’s pretty much seen everything that the NBA can offer. So he does have experience. If he’s crazy enough to want to be a head coach in the league, I wish him all the best. But he certainly has the intuitive skills to know what’s going on out there. Obviously, he would be able to have relationships with the players that he’s had with his coaches throughout.”Gregg Popovich

“I think Jason could become a great coach, think about his training: 19 years of playing, an NBA championship, two Olympic gold medals. He’s one of the smartest players to ever play the game, a great leader who has a great presence. I think Jason could be a great head coach.”Lawrence Frank

“Jason will be a great coach, he will. His knowledge of the game is really on a Hall of Fame level, and for him, it’s going to be about an opportunity, but whenever he gets his gig, he’ll do a great job.”Shane Battier

“Would be a good move on all levels.”Avery Johnson

“Do I think Jason Kidd is going to be a great coach? Yes. Would I hire him? In a heartbeat.”Magic Johnson

More from Magic: My hat goes off to the Nets Ownership and GM Billy King for giving Jason Kidd the opportunity to coach their franchise.

“I think Jason would be a fantastic coach. He’s played a long time,I think he not only has a great acumen for the game, but may be in a special position in that he has great respect from the players and he’s just removed from the game, so I think he’d make a great NBA coach.”Steve Nash