Last night was a halfway-important night for America for some reason. The Brooklyn Nets, like the rest of us, are American citizens. Here are some of their reactions to last night's election... MORE →


The Brooklyn Nets unveiled their new mascot yesterday: the BrooklyKnight. It sparked some unique reactions. While a few people found positive things to say, the overwhelming response has been... well, see for yourself.... MORE →


#Storify on the affects of Hurricane Sandy on Brooklyn Nets players & staff below. Things you'll notice: the insane flooding on Tyshawn Taylor's block, Dallas fans & their weird obsession with Deron Williams, and Andray Blatche's hat collection continues to impress.

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Since most of us were unable to watch tonight's Brooklyn Nets debut, I've compiled tweets from those who were in attendance. Here is your first official preview of this years Nets!