Jason Kidd, Deron Williams in March 2014. (AP)

Jason Kidd, Deron Williams in March 2014. (AP)

Mum's the word on Kidd.

Once upon a time, Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams and Jason Kidd were close friends, going on vacations and golfing together even before the two had a player-coach relationship. The two even have the same agent, Jeff Schwartz of Excel Sports Management.

The friendship was notable enough that the two felt the need to defend Kidd's ability to coach a friend like Williams during last season's training camp.

But Williams and Kidd haven't spoken since Kidd left the Nets after Kidd's failed power grab in June, Williams said at his Celebrity Dodge Barrage.

"I don't even know enough about the situation," Williams said. "I've heard a lot of different things, as you guys probably have. I don't know what exactly happened, but we're excited about Lionel Hollins being our next coach."

According to reports in late June, Kidd attempted to usurp general manager Billy King's position, asking for more power in the Nets organization. When he was declined, the Nets gave him permission to speak with the Milwaukee Bucks, who employed Larry Drew as their head coach at the time. The teams worked out a deal shortly afterwards, with the Nets releasing Kidd from his contract in exchange for two second-round picks from the Bucks.

Williams isn't alone: Nets forward Andrei Kirilenko said he also hasn't had any contact with Kidd since the firing. "I am a little surprised (that he left), because Jason has been an integral part of the Nets organization for many years as a player," Kirilenko added. "It was looking like he was going to be a coach for a long time. But it didn't happen."


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Kevin Garnett (AP)

Starting at power forward for Lionel Hollins's Brooklyn Nets is... the future Hall of Fame power forward.

Guess we saw that coming. Speaking with reporters at Deron Williams's Celebrity Dodge Barrage, Hollins said that Garnett is penciled in as his team's starting power forward, to flank All-Star center Brook Lopez in the frontcourt. "He's earned the right to have that opportunity to be the starter from day one," Hollins said about Garnett. "If somebody else would knock him out, it's got to be like a heavyweight fight."

Garnett turned his season around in the second half of the 2013-14 season when he moved to center, allowing him to stay close to the basket on defense. The Nets allowed just 95.6 points per 100 possessions with Garnett on the floor in 2014, by far the best of any player on the team and a number that would've been the best of all NBA teams over a full season. But Hollins stressed that he'd start as a power forward, which mimics his big-oriented Memphis Grizzlies teams that started Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph.

Garnett has just one year left on his contract, and there were rumors that he'd possibly retire this offseason. But teammates and Hollins stressed that Garnett has worked out in the Nets facility for the last two weeks, and that he's ready to play. "If he's healthy and producing, he's going to play," Hollins added. How many minutes, I don't know. But he's not going to play 15 or 16 minutes, I can guarantee you that. If he's playing and he's starting, he's going to be out there."

Hollins added that he had no influence over Garnett's decision to come back. "You're either here or you're not here. You're either pregnant or you're not pregnant."


Joe Johnson (AP)

Joe Johnson (AP)

It's that time of year again, when athletes and sportswriters alike amble towards training camp and the taste of real NBA basketball slowly turns into a reality. To take us there, we've got NBA rankings, and this week Sports Illustrated has begun release of their top 100 players in the NBA today.
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Nets point guard Jorge Gutierrez is currently the only active player in the NBA of Mexican descent. That's a huge accomplishment, but basketball is not his only forte. He does have some nice hair too.

Jorge didn’t always rock that slick, gelled-back hairstyle, so please join me in this transient journey through the “Evolution of Jorge’s Hair”.

High School

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HIGH SCHOOL: Jorge spent his teenage years in the depths of Nevada, attending Findlay Prep High School. You can definitely believe that he was the real chick magnet with this “long hair, don’t care look”.

With help from Raya Lim


Mason Plumlee

Mission Accomplished.
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Andrei Kirilenko

Andrei Kirilenko (AP)

Yikes. This isn't a fun story.... MORE →


Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King defended Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry in a statement to Zach Lowe of ESPN's Grantland, following a report and a leaked audio tape of Ferry using racially charged language to describe Sudanese-born NBA player Luol Deng:
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Jason Kidd, landlord. (AP)

Want to live in the same dwellings once inhabited by former Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd? Now you can. Kidd's 4-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom Riverside Avenue apartment is up for rent for a paltry $22,000 per month, now that Kidd's moved to Wisconsin to coach the Milwaukee Bucks.

From the New York Post:

His Manhattan apartment at the Aldyn, at 60 Riverside Blvd., is on the market for $22,000 a month. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom home includes a chef’s kitchen, Hudson River views and building amenities that athletes love: 40,000 square feet of “play” space, a pool and a gym with steam and sauna rooms, a pilates room, a kinesis room (yeah, we don’t know what that is either), dance studio, golf simulator, table tennis, billiards, a double-lane bowling alley, squash court — and a full regulation basketball court, natch, along with a Kidville-designed playroom, and a large courtyard with sitting areas with hammocks.

If you want to know what a $22,000 apartment looks like, here's one being rented out for that exact amount in Kidd's former building. We can't confirm 100% that it's his former place, but it fits all of the qualifications, and it's the only one rented out for that price.

For those of you just moving to New York City and looking for a nice starter apartment, you'll need to make nearly $900,000 per year to afford the apartment without needing a guarantor. Hopefully for that amount he's at least installed spill-proof floors.

Nets sign C Jerome Jordan

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Jerome Jordan (AP)

Jerome Jordan (AP)

The Brooklyn Nets signed center Jerome Jordan, the team announced today.

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New York News
Deron Williams -- Good Day New York

Promoting the Celebrity Dodge Barrage with Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly on Fox's Good Day New York this morning, Deron Williams tackled a host of topics, including his dodgeball event, his new coach, the recent inflammatory comments made by Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson, and the recent release of a videotape showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice assaulting his wife.

Williams says his ankles are healthy, after undergoing simultaneous surgery on both ankles shortly after the Nets were eliminated from the playoffs last season. "Ankles are doing a lot better, got about 20 days until camp starts and hopefully I’ll be ready for it."

Williams is hosting the fifth annual Celebrity Dodge Barrage this Monday, September 15th, and chose dodgeball because nobody else was doing it. "I had a golf tournament. You know a lot of people have those golf tournaments, so I tried to think of a unique way we could raise some money for some good causes," Williams said. "Former teammate of mine Kyle Korver, we came up with dodgeball, I don’t know how, I don’t know what made us think of dodgeball." The event will raise money for his charity, The Point Of Hope Foundation, and the The League Education and Treatment Center in Brooklyn.

He also responded to backlash regarding recent statements he made in Resident Magazine about the difficulties of living in New York. "It’s just a different lifestyle here. That’s all I was pointing out. I enjoyed my time and the summers away, but I definitely love it in New York. I signed here for five years. ... I take the subway. I enjoy a lot of things about New York. It’s very convenient."

The conversation then turned to more difficult matters, firstly the controversial emails and conversations circling around the Atlanta Hawks organization, including an e-mail from owner Bruce Levenson that indicated white fans were more valuable than black fans, and later a scouting report read by general manager Danny Ferry that included disparaging comments about African-born player Luol Deng.

"It’s just unfortunate," Williams said about the revelations. "Same with the Donald Sterling thing. It brings a bad light to the NBA, which we definitely don’t want. But it’s just something we deal with in today’s society.

I’m sure (racism exists) on every level. I’m half-black, half-white, so I’ve seen it growing up. It’s something that’s definitely relevant, it’s sad that it still is and it’s sad that he made those comments, it’s sad for Luol Deng, who was the center of those comments, and hopefully the league is taking appropriate actions."

The conversation then turned to Ray Rice, who Williams called a friend. Rice was recently released by the Baltimore Ravens, following a tape released to the public that showed Rice knocking his wife unconscious in an elevator. "It’s another unfortunate incident that happened," Williams said. "He’s already lived through it, he’s already went through the precautions of taking the right steps to do it."

Rice has since been suspended indefinitely by the league, after an original suspension of just two games. Williams says he believes Rice should play again. "Yeah, I mean, everybody makes mistakes," Williams said. "I’m friends with him. ... He’s doing counseling, he’s done all that. What’s sad is that he’s already lived through this and he’s already dealt with it appropriately and now it’s being brought back out."

The interview closed on a lighter note, with Williams talking about his first meeting with coach Lionel Hollins. "Just met with him for the first time a couple of days ago when I got in town, we had a great meeting, great talk, he’s excited about this season, and so am I."


Mirza Teletovic, Brooklyn Nets

Nice court. (AP/Kathy Willens)

It hasn't been the best week for the Nets: the team was ranked dead last in ESPN's Future Power Rankings (although we'd argue that's exactly the point), two of their three international players were eliminated in the first round of the FIBA Round of 16 International Basketball Tournament, and the third (Mason Plumlee) won't see the floor unless the game's well out of hand.

But there's one place where the Nets rank highly: pretty basketball courts! Zach Lowe of Grantland brought a little levity, ranking all 30 basketball arenas by the visual appeal of their court.

The Nets come in about as well as you could expect, ranking fourth overall in the league. From Lowe:

It might seem sacrilegious to give such a young court this lofty perch, but wait until you see what comes next. The black-and-white look stands out in a league of bright colors, and like black-and-white film, it lends the Nets a sheen of effortless cool. The central logo, just a basketball with words around it, is another testament that less can be more in design.

The ideal court is idiosyncratic without resorting to garishness. The Nets’ dark herringbone floor is a perfect example. It’s unique in the NBA, and it looks great without being distracting. Even the corporate logo, usually an annoyance, is rendered in a soft blue that the herringbone almost eats up.

The Nets use the same theater lighting system as their crosstown rivals, and though the effect is noticeable in person, it’s even more dramatic on television. I’m not sure any court looks better on TV.

I can't disagree. Brooklyn's herringbone court is awesome: as Lowe put it, it's unique without being distracting, and the black-and-white feel keeps it simple and strong.

One other important note: the dimensions indicate that the basket stanchion is 4'6" from the edge of the court, more than the minimum necessary. Basket stanchion placement became a hot-button issue after Paul George broke his leg in a freak accident during a Team USA scrimmage in Las Vegas, colliding with a stanchion that was placed just three feet from the edge of the court.

The three courts ahead of the Nets? The new Charlotte Hornets arena comes in third, and two classics take the top two spots: the parquet floor in Boston at #2, and the Lakers look in Staples Center.

Less than two months until we see players performing on that court again.




Deron Williams and a host of celebrities and superstar athletes are slated to attend the 5th annual Celebrity Dodge Barrage on Monday, September 15th. Want to join them? We've got you covered with a chance to win two free tickets!

To enter for a chance to win, all you have to do is "Like" our Facebook page below. If you already Like the page, you can enter too!

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Official info below, from the event's official release:

On Monday, September 15, 2014, Deron Williams will host the 5th Annual Celebrity Dodge Barrage Presented By Master Purveyors at Basketball City in NYC. The Nets All-Star point guard’s signature fundraising event will feature a round-robin style dodgeball tournament, a VIP meet & greet lounge, a live and silent auction, great music by DJ Mode, cocktails provided by Stoli, a delicious array of food prepared by Master Purveyors and sweet treats by Konfections By Karrah and Jala.

Confirmed attendees include NBA stars Mason Plumlee, Jarrett Jack, Sergey Karasev, Markel Brown, and Andrei Kirilenko of the Brooklyn Nets, Paul Millsap of the Atlanta Hawks, Wes Matthews of the Portland Trailblazers, C.J. Miles of the Indiana Pacers, NY Giants Super Bowl Champion Steve Weatherford, Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether, former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar, IBF Light Welterweight and WBA Welterweight Champion Paulie Malignaggi, undefeated WBO Middleweight Champion Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin, singer Ray J, fashion designer Angela Simmons, comedian Jay Pharoah and actress Erica Mena to name a few. Internationally Acclaimed Tenor James Valenti will sing the National Anthem and CBS Anchor Chris Wragge and ESPN and YES Sportscaster Ryan Ruocco will emcee.

All proceeds from this event will benefit the Point of Hope Foundation and Brooklyn’s League Education and Treatment Center.