The Nets Unveiled Their New Mascot Yesterday, And No One Seems To Like It

The Brooklyn Nets unveiled their new mascot yesterday: the BrooklyKnight. It sparked some unique reactions. While a few people found positive things to say, the overwhelming response has been… well, see for yourself.


Fans from Brooklyn and around the country share their … *ahem* opinions of the Nets’ new mascot. Spoiler: mostly negative.

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I’m hearing the new Knight mascot will drop from the rafters tonighf. And have… sparks coming from its feet. Ugh.eLone
The Brooklyn Knight is literally the worst NBA mascot I’ve ever seen.Zach Harper
Brooklyn Knight = Black Power Ranger(Knight Mode)Kanye South
Did Jay-z design the Brooklyn Knight costume too? Or does he only take credit for stuff that turns out half-decent?J. O. Applegate
The Brooklyn Knight just shot a t-shirt into the American flag. Not an auspicious beginning.devin kharpertian
The Brooklyn Knight looks a bit ridiculous.John Hobbs
There’s no way Jay-Z okayed this Brooklyn Knight garbage. Well at least NYC is getting some much needed comic relief.Sean Bennett
The Brooklyn Knight son!! KickGame
The Brooklyn Knight is essentially the Greendale Human Being with a shield.Eric Koreen
Jay gave Damon Dash the job as the Brooklyn Knight ! #nets #raptors #NBAArmando
Does the Brooklyn Knight end every game by winning the hand of a fair maiden? Or eating copious amounts of turkey legs?Charity
Brooklyn Knight is a failure, who let this actually happen?Robb
The mascot is the Brooklyn Knight. Genius. #HelloBrooklynethan budowsky
The Brooklyn Knight has such great moves @StephenMurphy17Laura Murphy
the Brooklynnettes have officially been out-wacked by the Brooklyn KnightEmma Carmichael
That Brooklyn Knight was too funny Derek Chomyn
When "the brooklyn knight" came down from the ceiling during nets introductions in was maybe the wackest thing I’ve ever seen everAnthony
Brooklyn Knight? No scratch that ideaJames S. 3
This Brooklyn Knight thing has to be a joke, right?Jose Torres
the Brooklyn Knight is the worst thingJake S
Oh. Just saw the Nets mascot. Dear god, why? I know for a fact that Jay-Z never wanted one. They should’ve listened to him.eLone
From the height perspective, it might be Mayor Bloomberg in that Brooklyn Knight costume.Randy Cruz
Welcome the Brooklyn Knight, Sly the Fox will be missed #newmascotnick price
That Brooklyn Knight mascot gotta go though.Dan Hates You
I really hope that Brooklyn Knight mascot goes away. Very disappointing.Pavan
The Brooklyn Knight?! Really? This is Brooklyn we don’t need a mascot esp one as lame as this one.BryanOrtiz
You kind of get the feeling that the Brooklyn Knight could take out at least ninety percent of the mascots out there. #nbamiddlepoet
Ayeeeee The Brooklyn Knight YEAH I’m a BrooklynerMargaret Chowdhry
hope the nets have been monitoring their twitter feed and know better than to bring the brooklyn knight out for halftimeJNez
The #Brooklyn Knight is Epic! #Brooklynknight #nets #mascotRamzi G
Brooklyn Knight. Fresh&Roses نور
I would not be shocked if they got rid of the Nets Brooklyn Knight mascot after 3 games. Just…….my God I can’t, I just can’t.Joshua Manning
The Brooklyn Knight is a joke right? Or are they going to better a better costume later?Ollie James
In other news The Brooklyn Knight could be the worst mascot in sports. How the hell did that thing happen?Scotty
@bigsquilliam no the Brooklyn Knight is sickDre.
Also: all mascots should be giant plush things. The Brooklyn Knight is terrible.Eric Koreen
The only way Brooklyn Knight and Sly Fox hang out is in a George Lucas film.Jake Appleman
I have it on pretty good authority that the Brooklyn Knight is actually just a hood ornament from one of Proky’s cars.marc juliar
Brooklyn knight is toughKing $pades
“@MySportsLegion: Photo: The new Nets mascot , the "Brooklyn Knight"” that’s so badassDr. B_Shelzz
@BrooklynNets The Brooklyn Knight mascot has to go. NOW. #NetsCoreyNYC
Brook Lopez will now continue his real job: protecting the borough as the Brooklyn Knight!Steven LaForge
Lmfaoooo Brooklyn prob got the best mascot, the BROOKLYN KNIGHT! #BLK #NetsAfter Cake
Brooklyn Knight: the comic. Can the movie be far behind?
RT @jshebs: Nets new mascot the Brooklyn Knight looks conspicuously similar to Lord Zedd from the Power Rangers #twinsies
Nets mascot looking like a gladiator that entered a masquerade.Matt
The Brooklyn Knight. I think I’m oddly okay with this.Amanda DiLeo
Nets game was great, but they gotta nix the BrooklyKnight mascot. Maaaaaad corny.Groeph Luterror
#GoKnicks RT @mfmusic: New Brooklyn Nets mascot. Tell me this isn’t true!!! Haha
The Brooklyn Knight is fresh.Tae
I’m sorry but I think the Brooklyn Knight mascot is ridiculous. #NetsSportsAllDay
What’s with the Brooklyn Knight though? Seems out of place in the city.Yankeesource
#Clippers looking very blah after 1 Q, trailing 33-24. But at least they didn’t unveil the Brooklyn Knight.Dan Woike
Brooklyn Knight. =)))))))))))))))Ej Rayo
@BrooklynNets I hate the Brooklyn Knight. I hate him. I want to tie him to the 5 train track.Yves Darbouze
The Nets Mascot looks like a power ranger with a shield O_oRashaud Ridgel
Walk him thru Brownsville “@NYDNInterNets: Let’s just hope that mascot fades from our memories, and the Nets faze it out immediately.”Yves Darbouze
The nets new mascot is stupidNugget Silverio
And I really thought Memphis Bleek was going to be the BK Nets mascot… I mean he’s been on the payroll for a decade now, not working.Mark Anthony Green
The Brooklyn Nets has the best stadium music in the NBA but that mascot is a complete failure, maybe the worse I’ve ever seen, hahahaaaaaMr Dwayne™
I think the Nets should have just not had a mascot. This one is just embarrassing.Mike King
Fellow #Nets fan, I know myself and all of you LOVE our team! However, our new mascot is nothing short of horrible! #BringBackSlyBilly Giacalone
Recap of tonight: Really stupid mascot. Nets win. Andray Blatche stuck on a highway with no gas.Cory Bernstein
The Nets mascot should be a pre-war brownstone with a belligerent drifter yelling on the front porch while a hipster strums a vintage guitarZach Lee
@JayZ Love the new Brooklyn Nets logo and home, loath the new #mascot . When you’r ready for a do over, let me know.AMAZING!! Mascots
I was intrigued by this new Nets mascot so I did a Google image search for "Brooklyn Knight." Tip: make sure safe search is on.Marc Carig
Nepotism is the obvious answer here. RT @NYDNInterNets How does Voltron’s runt cousin become the Nets’ mascot?Joseph Goodman
#ICANT RT @YouBigDummy: Nets mascot, Brooklyn Knight #NBA MacKenzie
RT @cjzero: Prokhorov will have someone killed for this RT @YouBigDummy: Nets mascot, Brooklyn Knight #NBA Florance
Nets Mascot #epicfailT
For those asking/wondering earlier, the new Nets mascot looks like a power ranger wrapped in Aluminum foil…..he battledShameer Allie™
On top of everything else that’s wrong with it, it turns out the Nets mascot, "Brooklyn Night," shares the same name as a pornstar.Stefan Bondy
What is it? Lol RT @SincereBC: I’m still so confused about the Brooklyn Nets mascotDonnie ††† Darko
RT @williamfleitch: Nets psilocybin-conjured new mascot is called "BrooklyKnight." That exact spelling. Just typing it like that makes my inner schoolmarm nuts.Chris Baud
The Nets mascot got a Goddamn super hero suit on with a Nerf air gun *facepalm*Neil B.
The Nets mascot dead gonna make me walk outside for halftime shows. I dont have a milligram of respect for this costume.Luis De Los Santos
oh my god are the Nets serious with that mascotEvan Dunlap
Nets mascot has a gun and some Js on….oh, Brooklyn….AyZahnNuh
Selling fake gas and the Nets got a Power Ranger as a mascot. New York is having the best week everCheap Gilliam
Text from a good friend during last night’s #Nets game: "A mascot? C’mon son."Rod Boone
The bk nets mascot is dressed like an extra from beyonce’s ‘girls run the world’ videounpforgettable pfire
STILL can’t believe the Nets named their mascot after a porn star. Not even the Nets.Noam Schiller
Wow, I just saw the Brooklyn Nets mascot…it’s like something out of Battle Bots lmaooooConrad Kaczmarek