Brooklyn Nets tweet the election

Last night was a halfway-important night for America for some reason. The Brooklyn Nets, like the rest of us, are American citizens. Here are some of their reactions to last night’s election.

Brooklyn Nets Tweet the Election

Brooklyn Nets players & staff tweet through last night’s presidential election.

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Great night for DemocracyBilly King
✊ B
Of course RT“@JETSIRRR: @bkdefend Sir King did you vote tonight?”Billy King
@tyshawntaylor for president! #tyshawntaylorforpresidentPrit Gandhi
Just arrived in Miami and passed a huge line of people waiting to vote near Brickell Ave.Billy King
My cab driver told me Romney won. Can I trust this?Kris Humphries
Bad info. Just got in front of the tv.Kris Humphries
4 more years @EST91Term watson
!!!! “@SDennis14: ”tyshawn taylor
Congrats to President Obama on being re-elected. Now lets all work together to continue to make this country A GREAT COUNTRY.Billy King
Sweet baby jesus RT @esmitty22: Tears of joy!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!cj watson
Adam and his Republican hair-do in honor of the election. Humphries
Congrats Obama!Marshon S. Brooks
Class act by Romney!!Marshon S. Brooks
Back to hoops now doe..Marshon S. Brooks