Sandy & the Nets: “I ain’t going nowhere unless I’m swimming there”

#Storify on the affects of Hurricane Sandy on Brooklyn Nets players & staff below. Things you’ll notice: the insane flooding on Tyshawn Taylor’s block, Dallas fans & their weird obsession with Deron Williams, and Andray Blatche’s hat collection continues to impress.

Brooklyn Nets affected by Hurricane Sandy

A live-feed look at how Brooklyn Nets players & staff were affected by this week’s hurricane.

Storified by devin kharpertian · Fri, Nov 02 2012 07:47:24

Sandy is on its way…but Mirza is making it rain inside the Palace on Murray Hill this pm!!!Gary Sussman
@ The crib koolin it hope Sandy don’t be trippin when she come threw.Joe Johnson 4real
#repost watson
“@YouDontKnoFlee: Idc who you are if u by yourself today you gon be stressed” lol I’m dolo tootyshawn taylor
Sandy is no jokeMarshon S. Brooks
I don’t feel goodtyshawn taylor
Shout out to my friends and fam who checked on me during this Hurricane Sandy fiasco. to those who didn’t.Josh Childress
RT @tyshawntaylor: — you just gonna steal my tweet gram huh? HahahaJosh Childress
Thanks to we have our emergency lights ready for the Hurricane.Billy King
#hurricainesandy RT @SueTsai: I’m gona gain 20 lbs in the next 48 hours smhcj watson
You shall ascend and come like a storm, you shall be like a cloud to cover bands, and many people with you.. Ezekiel 38:9cj watson
Pray for us sandy is now here and it’s crazy outside nothing I ever seen b4andray blatche
Outside my house now should I leave blatche
Power outage. I didnt kno eating in the dark would be so hard. Good thing I went and got candles and prepared for this hurricanecj watson
I have no powerandray blatche
7:10 PM and the power goes out.Billy King
#BrooklynNets power standings.@Nets_PR -done at 6:07@bkdefend -done at 7:10@Susssez-stayin’ aliveGary Sussman
No more electricityDeron Williams
Ur SAD RT @DaLIzMoBeta21: LMAO!!! #karma RT @407_Junior_321: “@DeronWilliams: No more electricity”shoulda went to Dallas bitch!Deron Williams
Power please don’t go out during Monday Night Football.Kris Humphries
Ok Dallas = Tornadoes and LA= Earthquakes….for all the people flooding my timeline with dumb comments my entertainment for 2niteDeron Williams
I had to evacuate bro. In a safer spot. #safety. RT @DANNYLEEWORKS: @KrisHumphries yo dude, stay safe. im not … Humphries
Stay safe bro. We are just hoping the power stays on. RT @RobWiatre: @KrisHumphries you’re lucky bro I’m living … Humphries
Be safe out ppl!!Marshon S. Brooks
Floods everywhereMarshon S. Brooks
she flooded the block taylor
I missed the football game tonightvbecause of no power hopefully it’s on by tomm night so I can watch some bball gamescj watson
Does anyone know if Sandy is supposed to hit the manhattan area again? Or is the worst of it over?Josh Childress
I been going to sleep like 2hours off and on all day ..tyshawn taylor
There go the power !!!!tyshawn taylor
the only time all day I wish I wasn’t by myselftyshawn taylor
WTF MAN …tyshawn taylor
I ain’t going nowhere unless I’m swimming theretyshawn taylor
I’m flooded no power but they came to help blatche
We will overcome this disaster. Stay strong tri-state area.Brett Yormark
My building is literally an island .. flooded by water on all sides !!! tyshawn taylor
no power and I can’t call out ..tyshawn taylor
No power, no company, and the games start today!!!Marshon S. Brooks
I need help… Marshon S. Brooks
Streets of NYC are pitch black like riding thru Gotham city no life but people still walking aroundcj watson
Wish I had power at the house.ReggieEvans30
Tnt makes it official. Brooklyn nets debut will happen on thursday. Going to be a huge night.Brett Yormark
Out an about after the storm Williams
made it out safe the Telly in Brooklyn .. #onchillz ;;tyshawn taylor
Just passed 20 Progress Energy Trucks from St. Petersburg Fl coming to help. King
I haven’t had Internet or TV so i didn’t know actually how bad Sandy hit some places #TragedyDeron Williams