Two All-Star Bigs Talk About Brook Lopez

Two All-Star Bigs Talk About Brook Lopez

Games like the Rookie/Sophmore game that took place on Friday are more for the guards than for the big men.  The up and down pace with no defense translates into a ton of outside shots and drive opportunities where the guards finish at the rim themselves instead of dumping it off to the big men. This was part of the reason for Brook’s quiet 6 points on 5 shot attempts.  In fact, the only memorable impression Brook had on the night was during the award presentation when he was obviously upset DeJaun Blair didn’t win the MVP:

However, what Net fans should take away from the game is what two current All-Star big men had to say about Brook Lopez.  Throughout the game, TNT had players come in and help commentate.  Both Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol participated, and both had nothing but good things to say about Brook.  First Dwight:

And here is Pau:

I know that if you watch the Nets on a nightly basis, you already know about Brook’s talent, but it is nice to see two premier guys talk about it on national TV. We have a special player in Brook Lopez

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