The Dwight Cometh…In Three Nets-Friendly Deadline Deals

TrueHoop creator and principle writer Henry Abbott said this about Dwight Howard’s potential jump to the New Jersey Nets from the Orlando Magic via trade:

If the Nets have to trade for Howard, they’ll have to gut his next team, which will make winning in Brooklyn tough and hurt Howard’s brand.

To keep it as concise as possible: I disagree, for three reasons…

Note: none of these trades are actual rumors, merely speculation and concocted ideas.

Superman 2.0 to New Jersey, via Sacramento

New Jersey gets…
Howard, Francisco Garcia, and J.J. Hickson

Orlando gets…
Mehmet “Memo” Okur, Tyreke Evans, and Jason Thompson (with two unprotected first-round picks, one each from New Jersey and Sacramento)

Sacramento gets…
Hidayet “Hedo” Turkoglu, Kris Humphries{{1}}[[1]]Presuming he waives his no-trade clause[[1]], and Brook Lopez

Why It Works

In this set-up, the Nets only lose Okur (who has been a total non-factor for New Jersey), Humphries (having a career year, but easily expendable for Howard), and Lopez (who hasn’t exactly gotten better with each year that he’s been in the league).

Besides that, the Magic get Tyreke Evans (!), a star talent with lots of room to improve and make Orlando his own, while the Magic get lots of cap room and extra picks to start anew and attract free agents to a new arena, a promising team, and a city with lots of attractions and great weather. The Sacramento Kings get two very talented big men who can compliment DeMarcus Cousins and cover for his weakness and they get to bring back fan favorite Turk for giggles. Everyone’s happy!

Superman 2.0…via Los Angeles (Lakers)

New Jersey gets…
Howard and Turkoglu

Orlando gets…
Andrew Bynum, Jordan Farmar, Okur, and Lopez (and two unprotected first-round draft picks from New Jersey)

Los Angeles gets…
Jameer Nelson and Humphries

Why It Works

Well, let’s see – New Jersey gets Howard with Turkoglu at the Magic’s “fee” for acquiring Mr. Howard, and the Nets only lose Okur, Lopez, Humphries, and Jordan Farmar, all of whom are very expendable, regardless of Howard’s trade to the Nets anyway. Still a huge get for New Jersey.

The Magic get the non-Humphries Nets and Bynum, who would essentially be the offensive Bizarro to Howard’s defensive Man of Steel, plus cap room and new picks for prospects…success, especially considering that Bynum is the second-best center in the league behind Howard and the gap is significantly close between the two players.

Los Angeles gets the point guard that they’ve long needed in former All-Star Nelson and an elite-lever rebounder in Humphries that can replace Bynum at center and still complement Pau Gasol in the post. Essentially, the Lakers gain another All-Star talent and retain defense and size, even in letting Bynum go.

Superman 2.0…via Minnesota

New Jersey gets…
Howard and Turkoglu

Orlando gets…
Michael Beasley, Darko Milicic, Okur, and Lopez (and three first-round draft picks; two unprotected picks from New Jersey and a protected pick from Minnesota)

Minnesota gets…
Anthony Morrow and Humphries

Why It Works

Losing Morrow, Okur, Lopez, and Humphries is nothing for the Nets if they can secure the beloved Howard. It’s literally like a non-issue, and the Nets wouldn’t have to give up MarShon Brooks and certainly not Deron Williams.

Orlando would be able to continue keeping its free agent options open with cap room, build with draft picks, and see what Super Cool Beas can do; in Beasley’s case, he’ll be playing for promise of a contract that will secure his future, which is still somewhat uncertain, considering his talent. Orlando would be Beasley’s proving ground.

The Minnesota Timberwolves would be able to alleviate the pressure at forward and bring home the hometown hero Humphries, who would move to center behind Nikola Pekovic as a sixth man; even better would be Minnesota acquiring a true, sweet shooting wing that in Morrow that would fit perfectly in the Timberwolves’ starting lineup.

In all three scenarios, the Nets would depart with very expendable parts and gain a more perfect roster in the process without robbing the Nets of the requisite talent to compete immediately as a playoff threat in the Eastern Conference.