#NASTV: Kennedy: “(Howard) will be on the Nets, it’s just a matter of how and when.”

Could Dwight be saying 'So Long' to Orlando?

We taped our 10th episode of Nets Are Scorching TV today on our new day (Sundays!) and we were lucky enough to be joined by NBA reporter for Hoopsworld.com, Alex Kennedy (@alexkennedyNBA).

Alex had a ton of insight regarding the whole Dwight Howard situation and basically stroked the entire Nets fan base with each word out of his mouth.

We’ve gone ahead and given you the CliffsNotes version of what he had to say and continue scrolling to see the full replay of Alex’s appearance:

When asked about the latest he’s heard in the Dwight Howard trade rumors:

“The Nets are the front-runners. I do think he ends up on the Nets, at some point. I’ve been told by people in Dwight’s life that he will be on the Nets, it’s just a matter of how and when.”

On the draws of playing in Brooklyn, with Deron:

“Brooklyn’s part of the draw, he definitely wants to go to a large market.” “Him and Deron are getting closer, which helps.” He wants to create a legacy of his own without being a second fiddle… he wants help, but he wants to be the face of the franchise.” “Deron has done a good job selling it: ‘you can be the face of the franchise.’ Deron realizes that Dwight is a top-3 player in the game.”

On the reports that Dwight could waffle on his thought process:

“I’ve read those reports that say Dwight’s been changing his mind every day, and that he’s constantly waffling, but I honestly haven’t seen it. It seems like Dwight knows what he’s doing. “As far as right now, I think (Dwight’s) been pretty consistent.” “It’s not like Dwight’s sitting here not knowing what he’s going to do. He knows that he doesn’t want to be in Orlando.” “They’re saying he wants to be on the Nets, he wants to put on a Nets uniform.”

On the possibility of Orlando holding on to Dwight until the off-season:

“If Orlando tries to hold onto Dwight and call his bluff in July, saying ‘we don’t think you’re going to leave $30 million on the table, go sign elsewhere if you want to,’ I’m hearing that Dwight would do that. He’s not afraid to leave $30 million on the table.”

On the Lakers and their chances with Dwight:

“He (Dwight) and Kobe had a conversation and Kobe basically told him ‘you can come in here and be the third option behind me and Pau Gasol. You can be our Tyson Chandler and play defense and rebound.” “Dwight’s interest in L.A. may have been a little bit overstated.” “The Lakers could still emerge, however, July is a long time from now.”

You can watch Alex’s entire appearance with us by watching the episode 10 replay below and seriously, it is well worth the time to check it out. Also, hear Devin, Chris and I discuss the Nets-Knicks game, our defensive woes and the injury situation in New Jersey.

#NASTV: Episode 10 – Replay