Tony Brown unconcerned — and uninvolved — with trade talk


With just over a week before the trade deadline, the Nets have had their names in a couple of rumors. Some insinuate that Thaddeus Young might be a trade piece, while others argue that the Nets aren’t looking to shake up their roster in any major way.

But no matter what they’re trying to do, Tony Brown is staying out of it. Brown, the team’s interim head coach since firing Lionel Hollins on January 10th, said he’s not involved in any conversations with ownership about a potential new direction for the team.

“I’m not privy to a lot of those conversations,” Brown said Wednesday evening before Nets-Grizzlies. “I just concentrate on trying to get the team ready to play. Like any NBA club during this time of the season, you’re going to explore options for what’s available, see what works for you. I’m sure they’re doing that, but I haven’t had a conversation with anyone about that.”

The Nets currently don’t have a general manager, relying on assistant general manager Frank Zanin to handle trade calls. The team may hire a general manager as soon as this week after a series of interviews. It’s unlikely that they’ll hire a coach to replace Brown before hiring a general manager, and Brown is expected to ride out the season at the helm, barring an unexpected change of plans.

Still, he’s not concerned with trade talk. “During these times in the season, all the teams are going to explore opportunities,” Brown added. “But to say that our club is doing something special to try to make changes, I can’t really say that. So when I come back off the break, who’s here is here. We’ll just deal with it.”