Around the ‘Nets: Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke

Billy King, at Duke. (via video)
Billy King, at Duke. (via video)

The title should be read in the tone of the hook in “The Jig Is Up” by Kendrick Lamar. Here’s the latest Nets news and notes from around the ‘nets:

  • The Nets are at Duke this week for training camp. Nets general manager Billy King attended Duke. In a video interview, King talked to Duke about attending Duke. There’s a fair bit of cool old footage of King playing at Duke. There’s also a shot of Nets player Dahntay Jones working out for camp. Jones played for two years at Duke.

  • King, who went to Duke, also trash-talked Georgia Tech alums Thaddeus Young and Jarrett Jack after Duke beat Georgia Tech in football recently. Young: “Good thing I didn’t (see King tweet about it), because I probably would have said something crazy.”

  • One more for Duke: Here’s a fun back-and-forth. Shane Larkin, who played at Miami, posted this on Instagram:

    But King responded in the comments: “LOL one game. I am glad you here to see what the trophies look like.”

  • Andrea Bargnani has one goal: stay healthy.

  • Lionel Hollins has one goal for Bojan Bogdanovic: be aggressive.

  • The Nets’ new roommate that likes to blast the AC also had a blaring alarm clock. But the Islanders will go back to their original goal horn sound after a massive outcry over their new, high-pitched goal whine. Personally, I would’ve gone with “HORN.”

  • In his new digs: former Nets center Mason Plumlee, who went to Duke, talks about his interesting summer. Not included: attending the NBA Draft at Barclays Center, not communicating with the Nets (who did not know he was there), and getting traded before the night ended. But at least he starred in a rap song. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN IS KILLIN’ THE GAME.

  • These chain-link style Nets shirts look pretty cool.