Reprise: The TEN Worst Things James Dolan Has Done

5. “Fix the Knicks”

Stop laughing. Hey, stop it! Anyone who is a true fan of both country-blues and the New York Knicks knows that this song came from James Dolan’s heart in 2011.

But seriously, just about every lyric in this embarrassment of a song is an epic failure. I really couldn’t imagine the expressions on the faces of the Knicks PR department after they heard this song. I think the “dislike” to “like” ratio on the video says it all. Even better: the giggles we hear from the man taking the video. If the battle for New York ever went to a sing off between the Knicks and the Nets owners, I think many would agree that Brooklyn’s duo of Hova and Mikhail Prokhorov would thoroughly destroy Dolan and his country-blues band, called “The Straight Shot.”


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