Reprise: The TEN Worst Things James Dolan Has Done

9. Not Re-Signing Jeremy Lin out of Spite

Yes, Lin has gotten off to a poor start with his new team, and yes, the Knicks have gotten off to a great start with Raymond Felton leading the way. If James Dolan ever talked to the media, he’d assuredly spout with glee about how he made the decision because he felt Felton was the better player. But Dolan wanted Lin. The fans wanted Lin. Lin had become a global icon. Before Lin, the Knicks had never thought of money as an object — they’d thrown gobs of it at everyone from Amar’e Stoudemire to Zach Randolph to Eddy Curry to Stephon Marbury and back.

He told Lin to set his own market, then felt “betrayed” when Lin did just that — and let him walk.

Maybe Lin was overpriced, and Felton has been a better deal. But Dolan’s sudden switch to penny-pinching, especially when it came to one of the most popular players in Knicks history, reeked of petulance and contempt.

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