Reprise: The TEN Worst Things James Dolan Has Done

James Dolan

(Not) Talking With The Media… Ever

The differences between Mikhail Prokhorov and James Dolan continue to pile up. One of the most obvious is the difference in transparency through the media in regards to their respective teams. While Dolan has continued his anti-media, anti-Knicks criticism from members of their organization (MSG network especially) over the years, Mikhail has been about as transparent as any NBA owner, ever. He even conducted his own interview!

There’s a good chance that if you search for a James Dolan interview, the only thing you’ll find is this kooky video above, of Dolan preaching about the wonders of a rich white guy that owns a basketball team making authentic “blues.” Right. Watch it if you need a laugh, or a cry about the state of our current economic and artistic affairs.

Dolan hasn’t taken an open question from a member of the media for over 5 years. Will that change now that the Knicks are winning? Nobody knows. Another absurd attempt from Dolan to hide from all and any criticism directed his way.

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