The Lopez Twins Are Still The Greatest

Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez
The Lopez Twins
The Lopez Twins
The Lopez Twins (AP)

First, there was Hooper, the Detroit Pistons’ mascot that the Lopez twins took turns beating up on last week.

As Robin put it the next day: “Of course I had to stick up for the family name,” said Robin. “He really should have thought twice before stepping to me … He was really throwing rocks at the hornet’s nest.”

And now, family hairstyles.

In an interview with Chris Hayes of Comcast SportsNet, Lopez dished on his well-known ‘fro. Despite the Lopez twins striking similarities, Robin was very adamant that his “unkempt afro” was not to differentiate himself from Brook.

“I honestly don’t remember,” Lopez responded. “There’s nothing really extraordinary about it. It’s not like it has super hero powers or anything. There’s no mystique about it. It’s just very pedestrian.”

Was it done to differentiate yourself from Brook, your identical twin?

“People are going to be morons,” he said. “If people can’t tell us apart, they’re going to be morons either way. Letting my hair grow had nothing to do with trying to look different from Brook.”

I came back with “But you guys do look alike.” And he looked me dead in the eyes and promptly replied in his deep voice, “no we don’t.”

Well, Robin and Brook might have some trouble convincing anybody of that– but if they keep it up, they’re a shoe-in for the funniest siblings in the NBA.

How will the Morris twins respond? The Plumlee brothers? For now, the Lopez twins reign supreme.