Brook Lopez and Ryan Anderson are still good friends, because of course they are

Ryan Anderson, Brook Lopez
(AP/Bill Kostroun)
Ryan Anderson, Brook Lopez
(AP/Bill Kostroun)
For the many new Brooklyn Nets fans out there, you may not know why this headline is so straightforward. You’ve just gotten to know Brook Lopez over the past few months, and you may not have any idea who Ryan Anderson is. But for the fans that have been involved with this franchise since the team graced the graceless Izod Center, you may know about the inextricable bond linking these two NBA big men.

Brook Lopez and Ryan Anderson were drafted by the then-New Jersey Nets in the 2008 class, Lopez going 10th, Anderson going 21st. Immediately, the two forged a bond, etched in the bland stone concrete that connects Izod Center to the rest of the universe. Like any friendship, they did go through some rough patches, but according to Brook Lopez speaking with Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel, those issues are no more:

“That’s my guy,” Lopez said of Anderson. “It is bizarre, but he is doing well out in New Orleans and enjoying his time out there, and my brother [Robin Lopez] is out there as well. So I’ve been checking in on him a little bit.”

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On second thought, there’s no quote here from Anderson himself. Is it possible that Lopez is just blissfully passing through life under the assumption that all is well between them? Hornets beat writers (a.k.a. The BrowBeat)! Help us get to the bottom of this.

While we wait, here’s two of their greatest hits:

There’s also a third video of them trick-or-treating in New Jersey that is now listed as private on YouTube. If any of you know where this video might be… you know what to do.

UPDATE: The Brooklyn Game contributor and solid human being Andrew Gnerre tracked down the trick-or-treat video in about ten minutes:

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