HOOPSWORLD: Nets’ Best Offer for Howard is Okur, Farmar, Conditional Pick

Okay, so about three hours ago I know I said I was sick of Dwight Howard trade rumors. Really, I still am. But this nugget from a this morning’s HOOPSWORLD NBA AM is just too crazy to not discuss:

If you are a Magic fan and you’re dreaming of a MarShon Brooks deal with tons of draft picks, that day has passed. Sources say the best offer from the Nets involved the ending contract of Memhet Okur and Jordan Farmar and a conditional draft pick.

It seems clear the Nets know they can get Howard in July, why give away all of their assets for him now?

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Don’t get me wrong. As a Nets fan with no regard for other human rights, love this trade. But this borders on collusion. Jordan Farmar is a nice player and all, and Okur’s expiring, likely insured contract is a big trade chip for a team looking to slash funds. But for the second-best player in the game? Without having to take on Turkoglu’s contract? That’s insane.

Of course, if it happens in free agency, the Nets give up nothing at all, and the Magic get nothing. But if that trade goes down, it’d compete with the Pau Gasol-to-Los-Angeles robbery for the most one-sided trade of all time.

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