Nets on the Net: 4/12/10 Edition

The NBA thus far has not commented on the newest accusation that an investment bank owned by Mikhail Prokhorov’s firm Onexim, did business with the U.S.-sanctioned Zimbabwe.

Devin Harris thanks the Meadowlands and the fans for all of the memories.

Larry Brown, who was there when the Meadowlands opened in 1980, will be coaching the Bobcats tonight in the last game there: One of the coaches who opened the Meadowlands in 1981, (first regular-season game Oct. 30, 1981), Larry Brown, will be on the sidelines for the last NBA game. He doesn’t really remember opening the joint and doesn’t recall it as a big deal. “Bruce Springsteen opened it [with six concerts], so you know that’s big,” Brown said.

Julian Garcia on the last game at the Meadowlands tonight: It is hard to imagine anyone shedding a tear over the Nets leaving an arena long considered one of the dreariest and most uncomfortable in sports. But not everyone is glad to see the Nets go, even if their fans will soon be treated to many of the same comforts that supporters of teams like the Mavericks have enjoyed for years.

Courtney Lee talking with his hometown Indy Star about his trade and season with the Nets: “It was a dagger at the beginning,” Lee said about the trade. “. . . I was in the Finals a year ago, it was an unbelievable run, and once you experience that, you want to get back to it. I can’t even describe how long ago that feels like.”

The New Britain Herald states the case for Tom Thibodeau, an assistant coach with the Boston Celtics, to be the next head coach for the Nets.

With its sincerest apologies to the Nets and Knicks, the Columbus Dispatch opines that LeBron James will be back in Cleveland next year.

Meanwhile, David Lee is playing what might be his last game with the Knicks tonight, especially if the Nets come a-calling this summer, Frank Isola reports.