MarShon’s second chance, D-Will to blame? Monday Shootaround

Some news and notes from around the Nets:

  • MarShon Brooks admits that he and Avery Johnson never meshed, and that he has a new opportunity to succeed and prove his ability (particularly on defense) under a new coach — whether that’s P.J. Carlesimo or whoever follows him up.
  • Keith Bogans has started to come around — he’s on a torrid three-point shooting streak, and the small-ball lineup with him at small forward and Wallace at power forward is outscoring opponents by an enormous 25 points per 100 possessions. But the Nets may not have been so lucky, had Tom Thibodeau had his way.
  • Shaun Powell doesn’t buy the “firing came from ownership” angle, blaming Deron Williams for Johnson’s departure. He also makes a joke I don’t entirely get: “They gave $60 million, or $3 million per rebound, to Brook Lopez.” Is he saying Lopez gets 20 rebounds over the course of four years? In a season? Probably not in a game, because that’s pretty good and he’s trying to disparage Lopez. Does he not know that Lopez is 29th out of 51 qualified centers in rebound rate, putting him firmly in the “average for a center” category this year? Or that Lopez has put together three straight double-digit rebound games?

    Anyway, the important part is that he blames D-Will for the firing. I’m just puzzled by the execution there.