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Nets-Lakers Super Preview

Mike D’Antoni, Kobe Bryant
Should Brooklyn be worried? (AP)
Dwight Howard, Andray Blatche
Because who would want to miss this? (AP)

The 22-26 Los Angeles Lakers travel to Brooklyn tonight to take on the 28-19 Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center, but this isn’t your standard 22-26 squad. Boasting a “new” Kobe Bryant, an old Steve Nash, and a hobbled Dwight Howard, this Lakers team is arguably the best 22-26 team of all time.

In honor of tonight’s matchup, we at The Brooklyn Game have broken down tonight’s contest to its three-part essence. We take a look at tonight’s individual position-by-position matchups, answer some of tonight’s biggest questions, and offer our predictions on what’ll happen in tonight’s contest.


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Nets-Lakers Matchup Preview
Nets-Lakers Roundtable
7 Nets-Lakers Predictions