Lopez injury not connected to previous foot problems

Brook Lopez
Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez’s right foot injury has no connection to his right foot injury of last year and shouldn’t cause long-term problems, according to a statement from team orthopedic surgeon Riley Williams III.

Lopez’s injury, described as a ligament sprain of the mid-foot, occurred after twisting it during the Boston Celtics game. “The area of Brook’s previous fracture at the 5th metatarsal bone was unremarkable, and unchanged compared to prior films,” according to a statement from Riley Williams III.

“He reports tenderness over the top of foot. This area corresponds to ligaments that connect the tarsal or midfoot bones.”

Lopez will miss the next two games to rest the foot and will be re-evaluated after the Florida trip. The next game he would potentially be available for is Tuesday, December 4th against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It’s certainly a good thing that Lopez’s injury had no effect on his previous injury to that right foot, the fracture of his fifth metatarsal — if it was a recurring issue with that part of his foot, that could prove damaging long-term. But it also causes concern that Lopez has a second injury to worry about on his right foot. It does seem mild, though, and Lopez walked off the court comfortably after Wednesday night’s game. We’ll know more after the re-evaluation.