Joe Johnson doesn’t want to talk record now

After four games, the Nets are 2-2. They’ve won two games against inferior opponents (one by 39 points), blew a 22-point third-quarter lead in a stunning loss, and fell victim to the flying death machine known as the defending champion Miami Heat. Even early, it’s been an up-and-down season, to say the least.

Joe Johnson hears the people talking about the early season, and isn’t having any of it:

But we’re (four) games into the season,” Joe Johnson said. “About our record, after 10 or 20 games let’s have a deep discussion about our record. Not after (four).”

Johnson later acknowledged that he and Deron Williams have a pretty high billing — “best backcourt in the NBA,” “Brooklyn’s backcourt,” “The DUMBO Duo,” etc. But finding that comfort zone takes time:

“It’s going to come for me. It just takes time. I just need to get acclimated with everybody, and I think things will come. Right now it’s early, we’ve only played three games. We just have a lot of room for improvement,” Johnson said. “I’m getting there. I just thought (Friday) night I miss a lot of shots I normally make but I’m still learning Deron’s sweet spots on the court, the things he likes to do, the places he likes to catch the ball.”

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