Kyrie Irving to the rest of the NBA: ‘Just watch our squad after the break’

Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets
Kevin Durant and Brooklyn Nets forward Blake Griffin and Kyrie Irving react during the first half against the Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets may be taking advantage of the downtime they have until the NBA All-Star break ends, but superstar guard Kyrie Irving had a message for the rest of the league once they hit the court: watch out.

In a clip posted to social media on Monday night, Irving was seen on a Twitch broadcast warning viewers of what was to come for the Nets after the break. The Nets’ superstar sounded more than ready for his team to make a push towards the playoffs.

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“Just watch our squad after the break, just watch,” Irving could be heard saying. “Just watch. This is great downtime right now before things start getting going again. There’s like  20 some-odd games left. I’m tellin’ ya’ll, watch. … God willing we’re healthy and everything works out.”

The  Nets have shared a similar mindset heading into the all-star break. Brooklyn is anticipating the return of Kevin Durant at some point after play resumes on Thursday and Ben Simmons is expected to finally suit up in the coming weeks.

Fielding a full lineup has been one of the Nets’ biggest challenges this season. They’ve had to deal with a number of injuries and COVID-related issues during the course of the year, however, it wasn’t until the Durant injury that they fell as far as they have now.

One issue that will complicate Irving’s message is his unvaccinated status. That has prevented him from playing in any home games this season and leaves him eligible for just eight games left this year.

Irving and the Nets have remained hopeful that a change could come to the vaccine mandate that has prevented him from playing at the Barclays Center. Both NBA commissioner Adam Silver and New York City Mayor Eric Adams have commented on the mandate in the past week.

The Nets resume their schedule on Thursday at the Barclays Center against the Boston Celtics.