Kevin Garnett’s clothes are for sale

Ever thought about what it might be like to walk in Kevin Garnett’s shoes? Well, you still can’t do that, but you can have the next-best thing: feel what it’s like to wear his suit to a business meeting.

Yes, Kevin Garnett moved this offseason, in a blockbuster trade that sent him from the Boston Celtics (and his home in Concord, Massachusetts) to the Brooklyn Nets. We usually talk about the on-court impact of Garnett’s move, but there’s also the off-court issues: finding a new home, a new community, deciding where his daughter should go to school, and moving all his things from one state to another. His Massachusetts house is on sale for a puny $4.85 million, but in the move he left a few things behind, notably his clothes.

From the Boston Herald:

K.G.’s old pants, shirts, jackets, cashmere sweaters and hand-tailored suits are up for grabs — all custom-designed for the 6-foot-11 Big Ticket — at just 50 bucks apiece. And if you’ve seen the size of Kevin’s clothes, there’s probably at least $50 worth of material in each item.

“They’re all really nice, after all he was making like $20 million a year,” said Phil Castinetti of SportsWorld, who bought 150 pieces of K.G.’s clothing from the company Garnett hired to clean out his house before it put it on the market last week.

According to the Herald, most of the clothes are from Garnett’s OBF Clothing line, embroidered on the inside with “Exclusively for Kevin Garnett.” You can buy them from Castinetti on a first-come, first-serve basis. Good luck.