Welcome to We’re In Week

Just in case a Nets offseason couldn’t be any crazier, Billy King and company decided to up the ante.

“They” said the Nets had no cap space for a big move. “They” said the Nets had no assets. “They” said the Nets were locked into this roster, this core, for four-plus seasons. Everyone was proven wrong.

As we all know, the Nets dumped spare parts, draft picks and loads of money in luxury tax to vastly improve their roster in four ways: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Andrei Kirilenko and Jason Terry. Each day throughout the week, The Brooklyn Game team will provide original long form content as it relates to the new talent donning Nets jerseys in 2013. Monday to Sunday.

Let’s do it. Welcome to We’re In Week.

First piece, Meet the New Guys, will be hot off the press in a couple hours.