BREAKING: Nets are paying a lot of money this season

ShamSports has posted some updates regarding the Nets salary situation for this season. We all know the big stuff, but here is a few tidbits (as beautifully told by NetsDaily) we didn’t know about until now.

  • Andray Blatche can’t be traded this season without his permission. Because Blatche signed a one-year contract (with a player option for year two) and will have Early Bird Rights next summer, he can veto any trade.
  • Jason Terry’s contract included a 7.5 percent trade kicker, worth $400,313, which the Celtics have to pay both this year and next. But the $4000,000 goes on Nets salary cap since it was added to Terry’s contract value upon the trade to Brooklyn. With the incremental luxury tax in place, that cost Nets more than $1 million this year and presumably next year as well.
  • As is customary, but not required, the Nets added a 20 percent bonus to Mason Plumlee’s contract, making his rookie contract worth $1.298 million this season and his four year deal worth $6.399 million.
  • Kevin Garnett’s contract for 2014-15 was only guaranteed for $6 million but upon being traded to Brooklyn, it became fully guaranteed at $12 million.
  • Shaun Livingston’s vets minimum contract actually pays him $1.272 million but the Nets are only billed $884,293 because his deal is only for one year. The league pays the difference under the CBA.

ShamSports also puts the Nets current payroll at $101,263,102 and total guarantees at $277,782,434. This means that, for the second straight year, the Nets will have the league’s highest payroll.