Get the Buck Back: Buck Williams re-joining Nets?

Is former Nets great Buck Williams returning to the Nets franchise? According to a report from Fred Kerber of the New York Post, the Nets are considering bringing Williams, who played on the Nets from 1981-1989, on in a special position for player development and community relations:

“We’ve talked about it but it’s certainly not a done deal,” said one member of the team’s hierarchy. “We’d love to have him and could use him in a million ways. There’s no real job description as such but Buck could be [utilized] in player development, with sponsorships, with community relations.

“It is something that has been discussed and we’ll likely talk about it again,” the team employee said.

The addition of Williams could serve as a bridge from Brooklyn back to New Jersey, helping the Nets to reconnect with some of their former season-ticket holders.

This is hardly definitive — it doesn’t even say that Williams will be made an offer, just that the organization has talked about bringing him back in some capacity. The Nets could use him, if only to remind their new fans of the team’s history: the Nets showed Williams (attending the game) on the jumbotron during their series against the Raptors, and most fans had no idea who he was.

Williams averaged 16.4 points and 11.9 rebounds in 635 games in a Nets uniform, and is one of the greatest Nets ever: he’s the franchise leader in games played, points, rebounds (both offensive and defensive), rebounds per game, win shares, ranks second in blocked shots, and was a three-time All-Star in a Nets uniform.

New York Post — Buck in time? Nets great Williams an untapped asset — for now