Welcome Two New Writers

Here on NetsAreScorching.com, Mark and I have prided ourselves on getting a high number of quality content up.  To be able to continue doing that, we have decided to add two new writers to the team, Dennis Velasco and Devin Kharpertian.

Some more info on Dennis:

Dennis Velasco grew up a New York Knicks fan in Queens, NY. Eventually, DV learned to love the NBA and not just Patrick Ewing and his out-of-control hyperhydrosis.  DV figures if he and Jay-Z could both have roots with the Knicks and the latter can own part of the Nets, why can’t he blog about them?  And don’t get it twisted, DV knows about the Nets.  He’s had his ankles broken by Kenny Anderson in a pick-up game, thought Buck Williams was always underappreciated as a Net, to this day thinks Derrick Coleman’s “Whoop-dee-damn-doo” is one of the best sports quotes of all-time, and knows Drazen Petrovic could have been one of the best foreign players in the NBA ever.  DV has written for SI.com, Yahoo!, SLAM, Hoops Hype, and The New York Times amongst many other places he’s fooled into thinking he writes good.

Some more info on Devin:

Devin Kharpertian is a fourth-year Division III student at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, and if you don’t go to Hampshire you probably have no clue what that means. (In short: he’s on track.) Like most college students with no direction, Devin likes basketball and is in a band. They’re okay. Devin has been a die-hard Nets fan since the Knicks let him down in 1999, and despite being let down countless times by the Nets since then has still stuck by the team, watching every game possible (even this past season).  A draft fanatic & also a Mets fan, Devin accurately calls himself a “sports masochist.” He welcomes any and all basketball discussion and can be reached at [email protected]

These guys are both really good writers, so expect to see their stuff up here soon.  You will definitely enjoy it.