Nets on the Net: 3/18/10 Edition

Dave D’Alessandro gets a few minutes with Magic Johnson last night and talks John Wall among other things, but I was particularly struck by this statement by Magic regarding the Nets record: No. No. It’s not good for our league,and it’s not good for the Nets. And the worst part of it is they may not even get the first pick. So I’m hoping those lottery balls fall right for them, and they can improve their team and be a player in free agency. Because nobody wants to be on a team where people will say, ‘Hey, you won seven or eight games?’ every day. That’s not good for anyone to live with, especially all these young guys.”

Trenton Hassell, regardless of his play on the court, is the consummate professional. Here’s what he told Dave D. when asked about Terrence Williams getting the nod to start last night: “Terrence is the future, I’m not,” Hassell said before the Nets’ 108-97 loss to the Sixers at Wachovia Center. “In two years, he’s an All-Star, as long as he continues to work. Just bring the people in here to teach him the right things, and he’ll be an All-Star.”

Kiki Vandeweghe on the Nets approaching infamy: “All of us together brought ourselves here,” he said. “Everyone asks about it, especially now as it’s getting down toward the end. Nobody wants to lose any games; we’re all competitors. But what possibly can you do except play well?”

Al Iannazzone talks with current Sixers GM and former Nets GM Ed Stefanski, who’s on his own hot seat in Philly right now.

Sixers Center Samuel Dalembert on the prospects of a 9-73 team: “I couldn’t comprehend it,” he said of the Sixers’ NBA record of futility, set in 1972-73. “In an 82-game season, how can you let that happen? But when I got to the NBA, I realized it’s like a snowball. If you don’t get it together, before you know it the ball is rolling and rolling.”

Over at the 700 Level Philadelphia sports blog, a fan who witnessed the 72-73 season discusses his experience watching that team. Keep this article in mind NAS readers when we come bothering you 25-30 years from now.

In a look at former Nets, Jason Kidd discusses his work with former Nets coach Bob Thate and credits him for his vastly improved outside shooting.

Hey, remember Derrick Coleman? He filed for bankruptcy. Well whoop-de-damned doo.

Bleacher Report honors the “not-quite-legendary” players in New York sports and discusses Buck Williams.