Around the Nets Friday: D-Will does Dallas

Around the Nets Friday: D-Will does Dallas
  • Deron Williams is back home, in Dallas. Nets organization collectively clenches cheeks.
  • Yesterday, rumors surfaced that the Lakers would be interested in dealing Pau Gasol to the Nets in a sign and trade for Deron Williams. This deal would be a major score for LA, but Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk says you can go ahead and kill those rumors as the word from Nets camp is they’d rather simply lose Williams outright and keep the cap space than get Gasol. That person you heard screaming was Kobe, or possibly, Gasol.
  • Also yesterday, spanish writer Jon de la Presa tweeted based on a mix of information and intuition that Europe’s top scorer Mirza Teletovic would be interested in signing with Brooklyn, and apparently that interest is mutual. There is, however, suspicion as to how serious Mirza’s interest in the NBA really is and that perhaps he’s floating some of this to up his offers in Europe. Teletovic went undrafted in 2007, but has been putting up big numbers in Europe and could be a devastating stretch four option.
  • One benefit of the Deron Williams to Dallas rumors? We get to see awesome throwback pictures of Williams in high school, rocking a baby fro.
  •  Nets players taking to Instagram: First, Anthony Morrow showing his, uhh, appreciation for Jordan Farmar, then Shelden Williams instagrammed a picture of his favorite pair of cross trainers, which also happen to be the most obnoxious pair of sneakers I’ve every laid eyes on, and finally Dennis Horner with his “welcome to the NBA” moment – that is tinting out the windows on his SUV.
  • The market for unrestricted free agent Gerald Green may be considerably larger this time around, so says Mike Prada.
  • And finally, friend of Scorching, Ben Couch offers up a NBA Draft Lottery FAQ, well worth the read if you’re still unclear of the myriad of possibilities awaiting the Nets on May 30.