9 Reasons Why Nets Fans Might Not be Fully Rabid (Yet)



The unusual sight of the official Nets Twitter feed criticizing Nets fans for not cheering loudly enough – followed by another tweet saying “disregard previous tweet” – has set off some interesting debate about whether Nets fans are, to use the technical term, lame.

This idea certainly jibes with a fan we quoted a few days earlier who said of the last home game, “Terrible barely engaged crowd. Never had any intensity.” Most commenters seem to agree.

Seeing thousands of Raptors fans gathered outside their arena cheering gave extra weight to the accusation. Fan Chris Fattorusso writes of the last home game, “3/4 the fans were late they weren’t loud during team introductions and have to be told when to chant. Basically it will be years if ever Brooklyn ever has a rabid Fan base for this team.”

A few theories that have occurred to us or were suggested by fans about why Nets fans may lack sufficient intensity: