9 Reasons Why Nets Fans Might Not be Fully Rabid (Yet)



7) Too much Brooklyn. Some New Jerseyans feel betrayed by all the Brooklyn hype. As fan Randy Oreens put it, “there hasn’t been any attempt at all to fans in tri state area only Brooklyn.”

8) Too little Brooklyn. An analysis by The Brooklyn Game did last year indicated that most Brooklyn Nets fans don’t actually live in Brooklyn. Just 16.7 percent of those who watched the Nets on the YES Network were actually from Brooklyn.

Perhaps that’s improved this year but most likely Brooklynites still comprise a minority of the fan base. Maybe the “Brooooook-lyn” chant seems less intense when it’s shouted mostly by people from Massapequa and Mahwah.

9) It just takes time. While the Nets have been around for a while, the Brooklyn Nets are still brand new. It takes time to build an audience. @Leoiv tweeted, “Cant expect a wild and crazy fanbase when Brooklyn only had a team for 2 years. Barclays is still a destination not a home.”

What do you think? Do any of these theories sound true to you? Did we miss one? Or is the premise all wrong and the Nets actually have the most awesome fans in the world?