9 Reasons Why Nets Fans Might Not be Fully Rabid (Yet)


4) It’s the prices. This is a common complaint from fans: since the move to Brooklyn, they’ve been priced out of the games. Nets tickets are on the expensive side, as is the food (though it is delicious). But actually, according to our partner Tiqiq, Nets tickets have been relatively inexpensive compared to other teams during the playoffs.

(By the way, tickets are still available.)

5) It’s the players. Many of the tweets were saying if the Nets themselves played with more heart, the fans would respond in kind. “The team that came out slow and lifeless to start game 4,” wrote Josh Dunkelman. “The Nets squandered a great crowd by playing like trash.”

Deron Williams had a lot to celebrate Wednesday night. (AP)

6) The players don’t live in Brooklyn. I’m not saying this is a major factor, but it does bother me that not a single player on the Brooklyn Nets lives in Brooklyn. Perhaps this will change once the practice facility moves to the borough. But there’s no doubt that part of Brooklyn’s love affair with the Dodgers stemmed from a decent number of them walking the same streets as the fans. Imagine if Brook Lopez lived in a loft in Park Slope.