What’s the worst basketball court in Brooklyn?

The courts near Ebbets Field Apartments in 1997. (AP)

The courts near Ebbets Field Apartments in 1997, which ranked 108th out of 172 parks. (AP)

What’s the best court to hoop on in Brooklyn? More importantly, what’s the worst?

Stu Woo of the Wall Street Journal has your answer. Woo drove around to all 172 municipal courts in Brooklyn and ranked them on four factors: Size, Playing Surface, Basket, and Ambiance, reporting that “about a third of the courts are in good shape.”

The top court? Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 2 courts, a five-court gem that overlooks Manhattan. That said, The Brooklyn Game can confirm that the paint on those courts can get very slippery when even slightly wet, to the point of serious danger and slippage.

The worst? Bath Playground in Bath Beach, a school court described as “unpainted” with a “horribly bent rim” and “sits next to a huge garbage bin and a garbage-truck depot.”

Barclays Center’s private herringbone is not on the list.

Check out the full list in interactive form, with photos and rankings, below.