Barclays Center Construction Worker Killed By Falling Beams


She Barclays Center Statue

Barclays Center construction worker Peter Zepf was crushed to death by falling beams while working on installing Barclays Center’s green roof Tuesday afternoon, according to various reports.

Gothamist reported that the 52-year-old worker was moved to Brooklyn Hospital in critical condition, while the New York Daily News reports, citing “police sources,” that the man was dead at the scene:

“My signal man was crushed,” said a fellow construction worker who declined to give his name. “The load was top heavy, the truck driver unhooked it without being told, (and) it toppled right on top of him. I checked his pulse: he was there for half a second, and then he was gone.”

Greenland Forest City Partners released a statement, according to the Gothamist report. “We are all devastated by what happened. All of us at Greenland Forest City Ratner Partners and Barclays Center extend our most heartfelt condolences to the worker’s family and friends.”