Joe Johnson plays better in front of Rihanna

Rihanna sits courtside at Barclays Center. (AP)
Rihanna sits courtside at Barclays Center. (AP)

Hi, Rihanna. You’ve probably seen her on the sidelines at Barclays Center one time or another. Apparently, the players do too.

Triangle Offense put together a Rihanna-centric infographic, and with her regular mainstay at Barclays Center, Deron Williams & Joe Johnson were two Nets players they focused on. While both Williams and Johnson average about 16 points per game without Rihanna in town, Johnson’s numbers jump to 22 points per game when she takes a courtside seat, while Williams takes a dip in scoring, shooting percentage, and assists per game.

As a whole, the Nets also have played better with Rihanna in town. According to their trenchant analysis, the Nets are outscored by 0.53 points per game without Rihanna, but are +2.67 with her there. The Nets are 4-1 with Rihanna in town, including playoffs.

For the full dive into Rihanna’s league-wide impact, check out Triangle Offense.