Hey fans. This Thursday, November 15th, the Brooklyn Nets and New York Cares will host an in-arena recovery drive to support the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We ask everyone that attends the game to donate new or gently-used coats, clothing, non-perishable items, and home supplies. On behalf of my teammates and the entire organization, we thank you for your generous support to help rebuild our communities.

-Deron Williams/the Brooklyn Nets (see video here)

Earlier in the month, the Brooklyn Nets, Barclays Center, and Forest City Ratner each pledged $100,000 to the Brooklyn Community Foundation for hurricane relief.


The Brooklyn Nets have been practicing in Barclays Center in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Their practice facility, the PNY Center located in Rutherford, N.J., was flooded by the hurricane and unusable as offices, much less for professional basketball. Since then, the team's practiced in Barclays Center, both on the main and side courts.

At the time of the hurricane, Avery Johnson said that he was imagining a return to the facility within a couple of weeks. Now, it appears that they'll be out much longer:

It's been an adjustment," Brooklyn coach Avery Johnson said. "At one time, you think you just have to deal with moving into a building, but now here comes Hurricane Sandy, and she wasn't invited. That threw off everything."

The team's practice facility in East Rutherford, where the Nets are contractually committed to practicing for two more seasons, suffered substantial water damage from Sandy, and is not expected to be usable until perhaps January, Johnson said.

I'm hardly a hardwood specialist, but it doesn't take one to know that a flood of water warping a wood court over the course of multiple days is not going to do good things for it. Though it's certainly possible that the court is fixable, it wouldn't shock me to hear later down the road that the court is just beyond repair and they'll need to install a new one.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that the 4-5-6 subway lines are now operating through the Bronx and Manhattan, and the 4-5 lines will travel to Brooklyn -- allowing fans from the Bronx and Manhattan to take the 4 or 5 trains to Barclays Center.

The 4 and 5 are operating in Manhattan as express lines only, meaning they'll only stop in Manhattan at these locations:

  • 125th St
  • 86th St
  • 59th St
  • Grand Central Station
  • 14th St-Union Square
  • Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall (the 6 line, which does not go to Barclays Center even at full capacity, ends here)
  • Fulton St
  • Wall St

Our transportation page has been updated with this information.


NBA TV's "The Association" is following the Brooklyn Nets this season. After a brief introduction to Brooklyn and the past year of infamy, episode two was supposed to deal with the basketball game played last night, but since, well, you know, it will instead focus mainly on Hurricane Sandy's effects on the team.

The show will run at 6:30 PM EST.


#Storify on the affects of Hurricane Sandy on Brooklyn Nets players & staff below. Things you'll notice: the insane flooding on Tyshawn Taylor's block, Dallas fans & their weird obsession with Deron Williams, and Andray Blatche's hat collection continues to impress.

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  • Hurricane Sandy wreaks havoc on basketball players too. The flooding trapped Brooklyn Nets rookie Tyshawn Taylor in his Hoboken apartment building, only just able to get out and get to practice on Thursday. Taylor, who lives near where he grew up, said that the area normally floods but they didn't know what to expect. "Every side of my building was flooded, five or six feet. It went three or four blocks out each side. It was pretty bad." Taylor, whose building will have no power for 10-13 days, was most upset about missing Wednesday's practice: "That's why I was stressing the most, honestly... If I don't practice, there's no way (Coach Avery Johnson) will let me play in the game, so I gotta get out of here!"
  • Maybe Taylor can take solace in the fact that Complex Magazine named him the second-most stylish rookie in the 2012 Draft class.
  • SBNation's Spencer Hall with a funny list of people attending opening night at the Barclays Center. My favorite: "Sesame Street's Elmo and his second wife Tabitha."
  • Seems like he played in Charlotte a lifetime ago, but Gerald Wallace finally sold his Charlotte home. Wallace last played for the Bobcats in February 2011.

The new opening night stakes

Posted on: November 1st, 2012 by Devin Kharpertian Comments


Jonas Valanciunas Toronto Raptors

The Brooklyn Nets take on Jonas Valanciunas & the Toronto Raptors Saturday, on an "it's all new" opening night.

On the recommendation of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, the NBA cancelled the opening night matchup between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets in the Barclays Center. It's the right call.

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via Tim Bontemps of the New York Post:

Because of extensive flooding around their New Jersey practice facility, the team will be unable to practice there for an indefinite period of time. It’s unclear how that will impact the Nets going forward, as the team will be unable to always use Barclays Center as their practice site because the arena will be hosting other events.

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Video below of Billy King talking about his players and the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Also, Nets players were throwing around a football at practice today. Watch around 1:20 to see Toko get affected.