Morning Shootaround: Fashionable Tyshawn No Longer Trapped By Sandy

  • Hurricane Sandy wreaks havoc on basketball players too. The flooding trapped Brooklyn Nets rookie Tyshawn Taylor in his Hoboken apartment building, only just able to get out and get to practice on Thursday. Taylor, who lives near where he grew up, said that the area normally floods but they didn’t know what to expect. “Every side of my building was flooded, five or six feet. It went three or four blocks out each side. It was pretty bad.” Taylor, whose building will have no power for 10-13 days, was most upset about missing Wednesday’s practice: “That’s why I was stressing the most, honestly… If I don’t practice, there’s no way (Coach Avery Johnson) will let me play in the game, so I gotta get out of here!”
  • Maybe Taylor can take solace in the fact that Complex Magazine named him the second-most stylish rookie in the 2012 Draft class.
  • SBNation’s Spencer Hall with a funny list of people attending opening night at the Barclays Center. My favorite: “Sesame Street’s Elmo and his second wife Tabitha.”
  • Seems like he played in Charlotte a lifetime ago, but Gerald Wallace finally sold his Charlotte home. Wallace last played for the Bobcats in February 2011.