What offense will Jason Kidd run?

Jason Kidd

Kidd ran as a player. What will he run as coach? (AP)

There’s a few big questions surrounding the Brooklyn Nets hiring recent retiree Jason Kidd as their head coach, but this one may be the biggest: if handed the keys to a franchise, what offense would Kidd, the preeminent point guard virtuoso of his generation, use with Brooklyn’s talented players?

To some degree, looking at potential offenses is speculative (that’s what makes it so fun!), but Kidd will certainly draw on his experiences spanning his 19-year NBA career.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at Kidd’s career: where he’s been, what he’s run, and what he could do in Brooklyn.

Start Here: Kidd in Dallas, 1994-1997


  1. I believe he said he wants an uptempo offense which will be kind of hard  to do with Lopez..Lopez his slow and his passing skills are horrid..