What offense will Jason Kidd run?

Jason Kidd
Kidd ran as a player. What will he run as coach? (AP)

1997-2001 Phoenix Suns

Jason Kidd Suns hair
Never Forget. (AP)

Head Coaches: Danny Ainge, Scott Skiles

Under Danny Ainge, the Phoenix Suns played an up-tempo style (could you really slow Jason Kidd down at that time?). In two seasons with Ainge, the Suns offense ranked in the top half of the league, and Kidd was leading the league in assists while gathering up All-NBA hardware.

Similar to his time in Dallas, Kidd was a part of a “small ball” offense, but this time with two point guards: focusing heavily on the penetration of Kidd and fellow point guard Kevin Johnson to create opportunities for others.

Chance of being installed: 10%

The idea of playing with more than one point guard on the floor at a time may not have been the norm in the mid 90s, but it’s much more apparent in today’s NBA. Certainly, playing Deron Williams together alongside whatever other point guard the Nets add to the roster and bumping Joe Johnson to the three is a viable option, but playing an all-out, up-tempo style probably doesn’t suit this Nets roster best and Kidd knows that. My thought is a faster pace is core of Kidd’s philosophy but just how much emphasis he puts on that at the onset of his career remains to be seen.

We’re also not in favor of Kidd bringing the hair back.

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