What offense will Jason Kidd run?

Jason Kidd
Kidd ran as a player. What will he run as coach? (AP)

2012-2013 New York Knicks

Jason Kidd
Spacing and lots of threes. (AP)

Head Coach: Mike Woodson

Relegated to strictly a ball moving, three-point shooting specialist, Kidd was a big part of the Knicks’ “Spread and Kick” offensive style, which focused heavily on ball screens to create penetration and outside shooting to maximize spacing. Mike Woodson’s time spent as an assistant coach under Mike D’Antoni had a heavy influence on this style. (Kidd also spent time with D’Antoni when he was an assistant coach of the USA National Team).

Ball-screening specifically has become a major part of almost every single NBA team’s offense, but the Knicks’ heavy abundance of three-point shots could be a sign of a shift in modern NBA play.

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Percent chance of being installed: 15%
Before the start of last season, I wrote about what a spread pick and roll style of offense could mean for the Nets and my gut would tell me this would be the way Kidd would be leaning. But, an offense is only be as good as the personnel intended to run it and although Deron Williams and Brook Lopez make a strong pick and roll duo, until the Nets are able to figure out a way to keep four shooters on the floor (instead of three, or even sometimes two) the spacing needed for this offense to be at its best simply will not be there.

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