Wizards 108, Nets 89: Postgame Quotes


Deron Williams, who left before media entered the locker room

Just a difference in opinion. We’ll leave it at that.

Avery Johnson, on some questionable calls by the referees

The technicals didn’t decide the game. They have 14 offensive rebounds, we shoot 16-38 in the paint. Those are more things that decide the game.

Avery Johnson

Could’ve been better. You know I’m always one that has tried to be really positive at all times with our team, but it could’ve been better.

Avery Johnson, on effort

I don’t even wanna comment on that. You guys watch the games. I’m not saying we’re the Lakers or the Spurs, but we played as hard as the Wizards played tonight.

Gerald Wallace, on the calls

You can tell when guys are getting upset and frustrated. Deron’s one of the most competitive guys I’ve been around and any time you feel like you’re competing and things aren’t going your way, tempers are gonna flare up. … It’s part of the game.

Anthony Morrow

We’re just not clicking. It’s just tough basketball right now. You feel like you’re beating yourself at times and it’s not fun to play like that.

Kris Humphries